General Information

Full Name Eloi Tanguy
Date of Birth 15th August 1999
Languages English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
Contact eloi.tanguy 'at' u-paris 'dot' fr


  • 2022 - now
    Université Paris-Cité, laboratoire MAP5
    • Generalised Wasserstein Barycentres
    • Optimal Transport between Gaussian Mixture Models
    • Under the supervision of
      • Julie Delon (Professeur des Universités, MAP 5, Université Paris Cité)
      • Agnès Desolneux (Directrice de Recherche CNRS at Centre Borelli and tenure Professor at ENS Paris-Saclay)
  • 2021
    Masters Degree
    Mathematics, Vision and Learning ("Master MVA"), ENS Paris-Saclay
    • Deep Learning (Vision, NLP, Graphs)
    • Optimal Transport
    • Optimisation
    • Statistics
  • 2018 - 2021
    Ecole d'Ingénieur
    Ecole Polytechnique
    • Specialisation in Pure and Applied Mathematics.


  • 2023 - now
    Member of the Board of the Young Statisticians Group of the French Statistical Society
    • Organising research events
  • 2022
    Research Internship
    MAP5, Université Paris-Cité
    • Generalised Wasserstein Barycentres and the Sliced Wasserstein Distance.
    • Under the supervision of
      • Julie Delon (Professeur des Universités, sMAP 5, Université Paris Cité)
      • Rémi Flamary (Tenure Professor at CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique)
  • 2021
    Research Internship
    DIG-INFRES, Télécom Paris
    • Extracting structured information from raw Wikipedia text using Deep Learning.
    • Under the supervision of
      • Tiphaine Viard (Associate Professor at DIG, Télécom Paris)
      • Thomas Bonald (Tenure Professor at DIG, Télécom Paris)
  • 2020
    Company Internship
    • Human pose estimation with CNNs.
  • 2018
    Teaching Assistant
    Université de Technologie du Cambodge
    • Teaching full-time gifted undergraduate students as preparation for the Ecole Polytechnique entry exams.

Open Source Projects

  • 2022-now
    • Contributing to the Python Optimal Transport Library.

Academic Interests

  • Optimal Transport
    • (Generalised) Wasserstein Barycentres
    • The Sliced Wasserstein Distance
    • Gaussian Mixture Model Optimal Transport
  • Signal Processing
    • Graph (Laplacian) Learning
    • Graph Signal Processing

Other Interests